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Top Tip: Gourmet Garden herb and spice tubes

If you saw my recipe yesterday (cream of tomato and red pepper soup) you will have seen my pic showing the ingredients, and 2 little gems I found in Tesco – namely my Gourmet Garden crushed garlic paste and chopped basil paste tubes.

I don’t know how long these have been going, but I only came across them recently in my local village Tesco Metro, and they’ve been a quick and easy “no mess, no fuss” helper when cooking. One tsp is the equivalent of about 1 clove of garlic, or tsp of herbs, and they’re so easy to use. Best of all is no stained chopping board or stinky garlic fingers!

They were £1.69 a tube at my local Tesco, and not all branches stock all varieties (my little Tesco only has the garlic, basil and ginger, but they also have the Thai Spice Seasoning, Coriander Paste and Chilli Paste at the bigger Tesco up in Farnworth).

Apparenty they do make more pastes in the herbs and spices and in the seasoning mixes, if you visit their website:  you’ll see there’s quite a few, and there’s also info on what goes into them and how they’re made. They also have a handy “store locator” to show you who stocks them. It would seem that Ocado have the best range, but I don’t know if they deliver here. It would be easier if you could just buy them direct I suppose from their website. Maybe I’ll suggest that on their Facebook page!

Anyway, that’s my tip for today, off down to Tesco to buy more garlic paste!