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Recipe! Senegalese~Style Chicken Stew

This has got to be about the best chicken stew recipe I have EVER made – I get loads of requests for this. Aside from the fact that it’s just so darn yummy, it’s a good source of protein, so fills you up for longer, and has hardly any dietary sugar in it -YEY!

Ingredients: Servings: 8

  • 2 Tbsp EVOO

  • 2 white onions, diced

  • 2 Tbsp ginger paste

  • 2 tsp garlic paste

  • 1 tsp chilli paste

  • 1 yellow bell pepper

  • 1 green bell pepper

  • 200g carrot, diced (approx 4 whole)

  • 400g butternut squash (1/2 a squash)

  • 1L vegetable stock + extra water

  • 8 Tbps tahini paste

  • 750g cooked chicken, shredded

  • 200g kale or Savoy cabbage

Arrowroot powder to thicken


  • In a large pot with a lid (5L) heat the Olive Oil, then add the diced onions and garlic, ginger and chilli pastes. Stir well and sweat for 5 minutes, lid off.
  • Next add the peppers, carrots and squash, stir well and turn down the heat to low. Place lid on and cook for 5-7 minutes. Stir occasionally.

  • Add the vegetable stock, mix, and make sure there is enough liquid to amply cover the veg (I usually have to add about 0.5L water) turn up heat to a simmering boil.

  • Add the tahini paste 1 Tbsp at a time -stir in each spoonful as you add it. Place lid on and simmer for 15 mins.

  • Add the cooked chicken and kale, stir well in, then replace lid and simmer for another 15 mins.

  • In the last few minutes, check to see if it’s thickened to your liking. If it’s still watery, mix approx 1 Tbsp Arrowroot into 2 Tbsp COLD water, then adding it a bit at a time, stir in whilst still on the heat until it thickens to your liking.

ENJOY – you are welcome 🙂

Nutrition Facts

Servings: 8

Per Serving

% Daily Value*

Calories 384

Total Fat 18.8g


Saturated Fat 3.4g


Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 74mg


Sodium 377mg


Potassium 668mg


Total Carb 21.9g


Dietary Fiber 4.7g


Sugars 4.9g

Protein 31g

Vitamin A 280% · Vitamin C 113%

Calcium 10% · Iron 15%

*Based on a 2,000 calorie diet

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IQ Test – go me!

It’s official, I’m not just a pretty face! LOL

some of those really made me think though!


IQ Test for Free
IQ Test for Free

thought of the day…..

What I’d like to know is how did things go from last night; “I’m going to decorate the hallway tomorrow” to this morning; “Right, so you paint those doors, and those doorframes, and I’ll start on the bathroom ceiling…” ?!?!

And 2 hours later… so far I’ve fed the cats and made sandwiches for lunch and said “right” and “hmmm” a lot, and he’s spent an hour getting stuff outta the shed, and an hour fannying about with the bedroom door handle mechanism!
I have a feeling it’s going to be a rather long day

Hello world!

So it’s WordPress now, not Window’s Live Spaces anymore.
I must say I was mighty miffed to discover that they’d just deleted my account and all it’s content, some of that took me ages to write! HOW WUDE!!
Luckily I have a habit of copying/saving stuff I write in word files on my pooter, so all is not lost (thankfully)
Anyhoo, that’s all, will copy & paste anything I think was of importance back into WP for future generations to peruse (or not, whatever!)