Most miffed!

Well today I am not a happy bunny! After a few weeks break for Christmas and New Year, and my birthday, and a friend’s birthday, and HIS 40th birthday… and all the “meals out” that ensued, I have come back to my diet website to find a big splash notice saying they’re shutting down the site in March – BOOO! – and a lot of the site features are already disabled.
(I’ll do another post about how I did over Christmas, and my Xmas Day menu -all VLCD foods and GF too!)
So now begins a frantic copying of ALL my meals and recipes that I’ve uploaded on there (and hopefully the values are still there) before the site goes.
The forum boards are in uproar as there are a lot of peeps on there that have been using the site for over a decade, have made friends, both on and off-line, and created a little community of their own, which I think is really lovely. They’ve supported each other and even gone so far as helping each other putting kids through school and  helped pay funeral costs for friends they’ve lost along the way!

Yes the site was free, but it’s annoyed me that they’re closing, and I’ve only been using it 6 months. I can only imagine how these groups are feeling – as one forum poster said; they’d lost some friends to illnesses etc over the years, before the likes of Facebook, and the only thing left of them now are their online journals, and soon they’ll be gone. So sad.
Whilst these sites ARE a great resource for users, it is infuriating that they just close down on a whim, it seems, and don’t think about the impact their decisions have on the users.

A lot of the CC users have migrated to -myself included, so that’s where my nutritional info for my recipes will be obtained from now on.

Right rant over, soap box away, normal service shall resume shortly…


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